5 Things You Should NOT Do at Raya Open Houses

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It’s that time of the year again, where you have to get up early in the morning, dress up and get going and during Raya, you got a lot of places to be. Aidilfitri, or if you wanna call it Eidul fitr (I’m looking at you girls on Twitter) is a celebration after enduring a month of fasting. Ceh, like y’all puasa penuh lak!

Jokes aside, Raya brings a lot of joy. Even if you’re not excited for it, it’s a nice holiday. You get to spend your days lazying around after eating, you get to dress up all the time, and your rich aunty will always give you duit raya even if you’re old.

Sometimes a hot girl comes with their family to your house and you think to yourself, damn, I want to holla but I’m afraid she’s like my third cousin or something; and if you celebrate it in KL, the roads do feel like jalan bapak kau.

But we know it’s not all fun and games, some guests can be a pain in the ass. If you’re hosting an open house or going to an open house, here are some etiquette tips from us that came straight from our experiences…

You’re not the only guest, so don’t overstay

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“Buat macam rumah sendiri” is one of the nice things a host can say to you. It makes you feel welcomed and it’s less awkward to socialise with a bunch of people you don’t know. But that doesn’t mean you should take it literally. We know how hectic and tiring hosting can be, so if you go to an open house early, even if it’s a friend you’ve known your whole life, be nice and let other guests enjoy their visit too. Don’t lah come there lepak like it’s a mamak. Mi casa e no su casa, biach!

To quote the Holy Book, gluttony is a sin

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We know y’all fast during Ramadan, and it’s a great feeling to be able to eat all you want. When you visit an open house and you have another three to go, don’t treat them like a buffet. Respect the host and other guests that are coming. Plus, you don’t want to get food comma and pass out at someone else’s place.

Respect the homeowner’s privacy, ’cause that’s like basic sh*t

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“YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” is applicable to guests who think they can waltz into any room in the house because, why would you want to go into a stranger’s room?! Even though the hosts are being nice, it’s common courtesy not invade someone’s privacy. You need to take a sh*t? Go to the toilet located downstairs. It’s full? Wait a bit, or you can go to a McD nearby. It’s only a 5 min drive.

Whose kid is this?

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We love kids until they transform into screaming tiny monsters. It’s not a problem to bring your kids or your little siblings to an open house, just make sure they behave and not run around and break a RM400 vase. Is that a kid or a Gremlin? Because they act like they’re plotting a rampage.

Dress appropriately. This isn’t Good Vibes, bruh

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Raya is the time for you to flex your outfit and wow at all the beautiful people on social media. There’s no limit to fashion, everyone can rock pretty much everything if they know how to style it but yo’, why are you wearing a Champion t-shirt with a slim fit Dickies to an open house? Good Vibes is in July or are you rushing to turn it up at Six later? Respect yourself and wear something nice. Raya hanya setahun sekali.

source: OH! Bulan

These are some of the things we’ve experienced ourselves that led us to make this list.. but we’re sure there’s more (you can drop us your experience in the comments). Aidilfitri is a celebration of togetherness, to make amends with ourselves and the people around us. Forgive and move on to the next chapter, or the next open house if you will. Let’s be courteous and not eat all the ketupat and rendang! Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

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