5 Smart Devices That Can Help Teachers & Students Stay Connected Even Without The Internet

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This Spotlight is sponsored by SNS Network.

In the past year, students and teachers had to adapt to online learning, and many struggled because they weren’t equipped with the right tools and devices.

Technology has progressed at a rapid rate, and now is the perfect time to harness the power of tech in the classroom.

Nowadays, many teachers are still conducting lessons using the blackboard while students learn through textbooks. However, there are tonnes of educational materials accessible online.

To help bridge the gap, SNS Network has come up with a Smart Classroom concept that will make teaching and learning more effective for both teachers and students.

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A smart classroom creates an inclusive environment where both the students and teachers are able to engage with one another digitally. Usually, in a normal classroom, it’s a one-way learning process where the teachers teach and students listen.

But these smart devices allow for a thriving environment where both teachers and students can function and engage productively, whether from home or in a classroom.

In other words, it’s the classroom of the future, where teachers and students rely on computers, laptops, and other devices in an innovative environment.

Check out these smart devices designed for future learning:

1. Teachers can give live demonstrations with JOI Smartboard

Image via JOI

JOI Smartboard is a touch-screen and interactive board that comes with various functions and features for teachers to conduct their lessons.

It allows for the teachers to prepare their lessons easily and efficiently without wasting time writing down on blackboards repeatedly. The JOI Smart Board comes pre-installed with Android apps as well as sidebar widgets that the teachers can use to enhance their teaching methods.

When information is presented through the JOI Smart Board, it helps make learning much more interesting and easy to understand as students are able to witness demonstrations done over presentations.

2. Students can charge their laptops and other devices in the JOI Station

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This station is designed for storage, security, and safety. Whether Windows, Android, or iOS devices, JOI Station has different sizes – 10 Bay AC Ports, 20 Bay AC Ports, 30 Bay AC Ports, and 40 Bay AC Ports to store and charge the devices at the same time. Teachers have the option to choose a station that best fits their class size. The bigger the classroom, the bigger the station to store more devices.

Besides that, with so many devices plugged-in, the station comes equipped with a high-speed and powerful system as well as heat controlling technology to ensure a fast-charging experience. Both teachers and students can also rest assured that their devices will be well-protected and safe with the station’s built-in safety features and easy mobility for a secure charging experience.

To add on, the station also comes with the UV Sterilising Feature to improve hygiene and to easily monitor the devices through the transparent door.

3. All devices can be connected seamlessly thanks to JOI Connect

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JOI Connect makes access to digital content easier with or without the need for Internet. Despite its size, which is light and portable, plus can even be mounted on the wall easily, JOI Connect is a powerful device that links all students and teachers under one server.

It combines the benefits of an Internet access point and a stand-alone content server in one device so students and teachers can stay connected easily.

JOI Connect comes with a built-in battery that can last up to five hours on a single charge. Once done with lessons, just charge it up again. It also has 500GB worth of internal storage to store teaching contents and important files, so teachers and students can have access to the documents easily.

4. Enhance your learning experience with the JOI Book Touch 330 Pro

Image via JOI

This 360° convertible device has different modes to cater to all kinds of learning environments such as Presentation, Laptop, Tablet, and Multi-media mode. Students can watch their lessons online with the laptop’s stunning display as well as narrow bezels on Multimedia mode. Other than that, they can also write notes with an active pen that supports 1,024 pressure level and palm-rejection technology during lessons.

The laptop operates on Windows 10 Pro and gives the flexibility to students to navigate their way through applications using the active pen or finger.

It comes powered by the Intel Celeron N4120 processor with the newly-integrated Intel UHD Graphics 600 for powerful performance and an accessible SSD slot for extra storage. It’s flexible and made to suit everyday needs with its different 360° rotating feature.

5. Don’t worry about carrying a heavy bag with the ultra-thin JOI Book 155 Pro

Image via JOI

This laptop has an ultra-thin and lightweight design, with only 13.5mm thick and weighs 1.43kg, despite its premium metal-built quality with modern classy finishings. Most importantly, students won’t have to worry about carrying a heavy bag to classes every day.

As there are tonnes of classes and lectures to attend, the JOI Book 155 Pro comes with a backlit keyboard with improved quality keys for a comfortable typing experience. And students won’t have to worry about storage at all, as the laptop comes with an accessible slot for extra storage.

Powered by Intel, the laptop boasts impressive performance for everyday use. It comes with Windows 10 Pro installed as well as features that will deliver in a smart classroom setting.

What’s cool is that all these devices come together to make up the JOI Smart Classroom, the future of learning.

Image via JOI

This is made possible by integrating JOI devices or even Android, Windows, and iOS gadgets to make up a smart classroom. Teachers are able to stay connected with students effortlessly, whether in the classroom or virtually.

And it doesn’t have to come at a hefty price at all. SNS Network is offering an SNS ONE Plan package that comprises all the JOI smart devices. Best of all, this plan allows for flexible payments at a lower cost.

Here’s what you’ll get from the plan:

– Subscription basis from 12 – 36 months
– Payment on a monthly basis
– Customer support
– Extended warranty
– Simplified deployment and costs
– Select a wide variety of devices and infrastructure
– Free installation and setups for software, cloud services, and Internet installation

Whether you’re part of a big international school or a small tuition centre, this smart classroom ecosystem will enable you to connect better with your students effectively.

It’s so easy to sign up! A team of experts will guide you throughout the entire process, from making payment to setting up the classroom.

Check out the steps JOI will go through with you when you register:

1. Consult with JOI and IT experts to make the best decisions and investments
2. Choose the best products and solutions
3. Work out the period as well as terms and conditions of the contact with JOI
4. JOI will handle the delivery, staging, installation, and setups
5. Choose from a wide range of services for coverage, protection, and support for your device maintenance

Find out more by heading over to JOI’s website! You can also register your interest with JOI here.

You can also contact 1-700-817-616 for more information!