5 Minutes With… The Spool (Rizki Maulana)


Rizki Maulana can be seen trolling people on Facebook or shooting people at events and gigs – to make it more obvious; he’s the guy attempting to balance holding a bottle of beer while taking style snaps for us. But there’s more to Rizki than alcohol and cameras – for one, he is Kiko Mizuhara’s imaginary bae and Some Guy Doing Visuals. No, really, that’s his pseudonym when VJing. We spoke to our Editor’s unofficial son about photographers in Malaysia, anime, and whether size matters.

You’ve been freelancing with us for three years now – what do you think of JUICE?
JUICE is my favourite past time. I mean, what other freelance job gives you the perks of attending festivals across regions with full expenses paid?

How much does our Editor pay you?
If I tell you #AOM would probably kill me. (Ed’s Note: I don’t pay him… )

Besides taking photographs for us, what are you busy doing?
I do visuals under the pseudonym of Some Guy Doing Visuals (SGDV). Besides that, I am also a roadie for a local band – Kyoto Protocol. If you caught their Catch These Men tour recently, you’d probably know why there was Kiko Mizuhara in the visuals for their song ‘Jelita’ – she’s my bae.

We heard you’re a big anime geek – what’s your favourite series?
This is tough. I really loved Samurai X and Cardcaptor Sakura (please don’t judge me) cause that was what I grew up with. Recently, I discovered some good stuff like Zankyou No Terror and Sakamichi No Appolon, which was scored by Yoko Kanno. But really, I am a sucker for paranormal stuff. I love Mushishi but Mononoke is my favourite (not to be mistaken with Ghibli’s Princess Mononoke).

How long have you been a photographer and what made you want to shoot people?
I started around 2010, when I got myself a Diana F+ after high school. I guess it was when I stumbled upon Daido Moriyama’s body of work. I told myself that I wanted to start shooting street and document its people. So I went all over Kuala Lumpur on foot, like a lost dog in search of its master. I then met this guy called Tom Eugene who started this party called LAKE. I shot LAKE in exchange for beers and that was the first time I met AOM (no, AOM does not pay me with beer).

What do you think of the photography scene in Kuala Lumpur? Do we have more syiok-sendiri (i.e. Instagram famous) talents than genuine ones?
We have a lot of talented people; for live music we’ve got Paul of All is Amazing, The Rockzone boys Dedy and Farid, [and] Lucas Lau of Point Form Digital. For fashion we’ve got Bibo Aswan. For street we’ve got Che’ Ahmad Azhar, KG Krishnan, Nadia J Mahfix, just to name a few. Last but not least, Bryzoid for his great experimental portraits. We’ve also got some syiok-sendiri talents no doubt, but let’s just leave them alone. I don’t want be famous for the wrong reasons.

If you had to eat one dish for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
Ramen. Because even in times of sickness, the delicious broth will soothe my throat and there’s no way I can get sick eating Ramen.

Does size matter to you?
Nah, size doesn’t matter. I like you just the way you are, JUICE.

Tell us your funniest joke.
My love life.