5 Minutes with DJ Fuzz

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Hip hop DJs are not all scary. That’s safe to say about the household name of DJ Fuzz, one of the most hardworking DJ in Malaysia. He’s the guy who turns it up in the clubs, runs Mixology DJ Academy, releases his tees through Xrossfade, collaborates with the other half of Too Phat, Malique on one of the best local hip hop release KO: The Mixtape, and rolls with Bum Squad DJ Malaysia. We asked him to give us 5 minutes of his busy schedule to get an update on what he’s been up to.

What have you got planned to start the New Year?
I got a few projects that I’m currently working on right now, Mixology 3 will becoming out in third quarter 2010. I’m in the process of completing my DJ Manual that should be ready by the second quarter 2010. There will be a mixtape with Yeyo of The DEY for the first quarter of the year, more Xrossfade shirts and I’m also planning to open a new Mixology DJ Academy branch in Penang by mid 2010.

Busy busy man! You are probably the busiest hip hop DJ in Malaysia, what do you do on your down time?
I like to travel with my wifey, read, hang with my students at the academy, kick it with my boys, and rest a lot.

Anymore t-shirt projects coming in the New Year?
Oh yes, expect to get new releases every quarter of the year. For now, u can purchase Xrossfade shirts at any Echo Park stores in Malaysia or u can buy it straight from my blog at djfuzz.blogspot.com. You can also buy DJ equipments, mixtapes and a whole lot more in my blog.

You’ve been touring quite a lot. How different is it to being in KL?
Well, different countries have different tastes and preferences. Usually a big hit in KL doesn’t mean it will work in Taiwan. It’s all about your skills and playlists. I need to study the crowd a few days before the gig. Gotta find out what songs are Fuzz-able for the crowd.

Any local act we should watch out for in 2010?
Yeah, check out all the acts from Rogue Squadron. They’re moving fast and you need to catch up. Check out Kraft, Tactmatic and Dose Two. Don’t forget the local Tamil hip hop scene, they gettin’ real big right now. Don’t forget our DJs and producers too.

You’re a big fan of kung fu. What triggered it?
When I was a younger, I used to rent a lot of kung fu videos. I started watching these videos when I was 7, back in 1984. That was because my mum didn’t want me to spend time outside the house and it was my form of entertainment. I think I got most of the kung fu DVDs and VCDs! I love collecting them. Whenever I’m out of the country I’ll also look for rare kung fu DVDs. It’s not only kung fu, but I also collect other martial arts movies.

What does DJ Fuzz do on a weekend?
Besides spinning on a Saturday night, I’ll be at the mall browsing for books, or I’ll be home in front of my computer making beats, making mixtape and doing all that internet stuff on my blog, Facebook, MySpace and all that. Yeah, I’m a nerd.

What’s your favourite type of burger?
I’m a fan of Chili’s burgers from the basic ones to the ones thats topped with Chili con carne.

Now go roll with DJ Fuzz at djfuzz.blogspot.com.