5 Malaysian Workout Brands Fit for Hitting the Yoga Mat

We know how it can feel like we’d rather do anything but exercise, so here’s another incentive to do so – to show off these cute yet practical workout outfits. We’ve selected five homegrown brands to cater to y’all yoga practitioners, so you can support the local scene and get in shape at the same time.

Ash Be Nimble

Ash Be Nimble’s expansive fitness line covers all walks of life, from men and women to children and even Muslim yoga practitioners. Affordable and accessible, their products are designed with the Asian frame in mind for the best fit.

Fit Rebel

Featuring leggings with hand painted art by Malaysian batik artists, Fit Rebel’s ‘SENI’ collection has been tested by athletes across various sports to guarantee high performance. Twist, turn, and connect with nature in this pair.

Liberty Active

Embrace body positivity with Liberty Active’s line of understated and self-assured yoga apparel. With figure-flattering lines and cutouts, feel at home in your own skin as you get those poses down.

Kitara Rouge

This exclusive Malaysian brand is familiar with the female physique and it shows. They’re not afraid to flaunt femininity utilising the obvious characteristics in their apparel, such as the floral and colourful elements.

Yogini Republic

What’s a yoga practitioner without their mat? This Borneo-born brand produces striking mats that can withstand high-intensity practices and also support them joints. Take your pick from their collection of cool graphic, Aztec and Marrakesh-inspired prints.

For more information, check out Ash Be Nimble, Fit Rebel, Liberty Active, Kitara Rouge and Yogini Republic’s respective sites.