5 Bizarre Christmas Beauty Trends of 2017 For Men and Women

We are just days away from sliding into the new year and days away from having that short vacay that we desperately need. But whilst the rest of us are busy writing blogs to keep their readers entertained, and others are cracking their heads at finding that last minute Christmas gift; the beauty squad of the internet decides to ‘wow’ us with yet another bizarre beauty trend that we just couldn’t understand and leaves us with…

We have to admit, some of them are actually pretty cool, but we don’t think our Asian parents would understand it, and we probably get a hanger from them if we do so. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at these five bizarre Christmas beauty trends for both men and women.

The Santa Hat Eyebrows

(source: independent.co.uk)

OK, for a start, this is probably the safest look to get away with, and it isn’t as crazy as the other ones that you’re about to see. All you need to do is fill and fix your eyebrows the way you normally do (then again, what is the normal way to do them?). What we mean is, the basic Instagram bhaddie eyebrow look; outline, fill, conceal, brush, and repeat. Just change your normal shade in your brows by using a red matte lipstick… or just maybe stick to wearing a Santa hat instead.

Glitter Beard For Men

(source: slate.com)

Alright, we are slowly kicking it up a notch for the boys. Introducing the latest (useless) beauty trend, the glitter beard; here to sparkle your life in all its glory. Okay, to be honest, the glitter beard isn’t exactly new, but we can see it slowly making a comeback, and fair warning: if you know glitter, you should know it gets everywhere (not to mention environmentally harmful). The glitter beard actually came from an idea by two duos, Johnathan and Brian of the Gay Beards. And hey, even if you don’t have beard, you can always try the previous trend. IT’S ALMOST 2018 GUYS, MAKEUP CAN BE FOR EVERYONE!

Xmas Tree Up Do

(source: cosmopolitan.com)

Things are getting hairy up in here, and we are just getting started. Adding into this bizarre list is the Xmas tree hairdo with, wait for it… a PLASTIC BOTTLE. Well, I guess that’s another way to recycle, am I right? YouTube channel DIYBeautyTv released this tutorial earlier in the month, and it got the internet scratching their heads (literally). It also gives off that Grinch vibes where the people of Whoville all had button noses and tall up-dos.

(source: elitedaily.com)

Christmas Tree Eyebrows

(source: harpersbazaar.com)

Oh boy, girls just can’t quit their obsessions with eyebrows. But these festive brows look very cool for pics, but we’re not sure if your mom would be okay letting you out of the house like that for a quick grocery run. These brows were created by YouTube vlogger Taylor R., and as you can see, she took inspo from an earlier beauty trend, the feathered brows, and her eyebrows went viral with the hashtag #christmastreeeyebrows. Ho ho ho?

Christmas Tree Beard

(source: playbuzz.com)

You thought we’ve seen the last of manly beards? Think not! Rounding up our last bizarre beauty trend is the Christmas tree beard. Now, we know that growing out a beard isn’t easy, especially if you’re born Asian. But you can try opting for your hair instead. There’s plenty of more space for some more festive ideas to go around. The downside of it all, including the glitter beard, is getting the colours and glue out – that’s already a whole other process.

That’s all for the list of five bizarre Christmas beauty trends. If there’s more, we’re always open for suggestions. In the meantime, would you like to give any of these trends a try?