42 Below Silent Disco @ Pavilion

Imagine a scene with half the crowd grooving to house music, while the other half shaking their booty to hip hop – in silence! 42 Below vodka made it possible with the launch of the first large-scale Silent Disco at the Main Entrance of Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

Instead of being blasted through the speakers, over 500 guests danced with their own set of wireless headphones as DJs Rob Warner from New Zealand and Goldfish each spun very different records. Turning out house and hip hop music respectively, partygoers had the choice of tuning in to one genre or the other with the simple flick of a switch on their headphones.

“We wanted to give consumers a new and exciting experience in interesting venues where noise would otherwise be an issue,” said Sharon Lai, Brand Manager, 42 Below. “Everyone loves to be in control of the music they listen to and the 42 Below Silent Disco is the perfect way to provide this opportunity.”
As the night went along, the crowd sang and danced to an inaudible beat. Occasionally guests stopped for a breather and was seen removing the headphones to listen to what everyone else was singing. It all made for a surreal night of uncoordinated dancing and even less cohesive singing. To the observer, it looked like an event of people dancing in silence – at least until the chorus – with half the guests also dancing out of time. To guests it was a unique and hilarious way to party.

42 Below Silent Disco @ Pavilion went down quietly on Friday 12 December 2008. Get the snaps at http://juiceonline.com/gallery/42-below-silent-disco-pavilion-2/. 

Text & image 42 Below