41 Pipe Bombs Seized in Thailand May Have Come from Malaysia

The border, Sungai Golok (Source: nkkhoo.com)

Just last week, a suspect claimed that 41 homemade pipe bombs that was seized at Narathiwat were made in Kelantan. Police are still investigating to verify this allegation.

The lorry that was carrying these weapons was found in a road block about 6km from the Thailand-Malaysia border in a Thai village called Kampung Saring in Takbai. Sources said investigations are being held to determine whether the dangerous cargo and lorry driven by the suspect were from Malaysia as proclaimed by the 39-year old driver during interrogation.

In accordance to this, security at exit points in Sungai Golok were improved by the Kelantan police to prevent the incident from happening. According to theSun, Kelantan deputy police chief SAC Datuk Din Ahmad said: “We are yet to know the details as from where the explosives were picked up in Kelantan if what the suspect alleged is true. We are in touch with our Thai counterpart to seek more information. This is a serious matter as it is a large number of explosives. If it is from Malaysia, we want to know where. However, we are not taking this lightly and have intensified security in the vicinity of the border.”

Picture is just for representational purpose only (Source: The Sun Daily)

He also pleaded to netizen with any information on the bombs to come forward and help the police in investigations. They suspect that the issue is related to militancy but Din Ahmad claimed that Kelantan is well controlled under the watch of state and federal police.

However, if the claim were verified then police will take actions to ensure Malaysia does not turn into a hub for militants. Apparently, the home-made bombs were intended for use in ‘staging attacks’ by militants after the month of Ramadan, claimed the Thai Army’s fourth region commander, Lt Gen Piyawat Nakwanich.

What’s shocking is that these home-made bombs each were 500 grammes heavy! They also found timers for the bombs and a few other communication devices in the lorry which was sneaked into southern Thailand using a “natural border route”.

The runner was also believed to have used the narrow Sungai Golok river which separates Malaysian and southern Thailand.