30 Seconds To Mars: This Is War (Virgin)

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What’s all this we hear about bands going to war nowadays? A guitar is hardly a weapon to defend yourself against a charging tank, an impending nuke missile or Jared Leto’s creamy adult rock voice. Probably influenced by their recent lawsuit against Virgin Records, This Is War is the 3rd studio album from 30 Seconds To Mars. Though most of it is just Jared screaming about going to war, it is still not a bad album. There are sound recordings, submitted by the band’s fans across the world, littered all over the album. We rather enjoyed how the songs could quickly change pace and also the effects of having a choir (fans?) singing in the background.

Listen to: ‘This Is War’
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Rating: 3

To go to war check out www.myspace.com/thirtysecondstomars