3 Things About The HUAWEI Sound X That Outshine Any Other Home Speaker Out There

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source: HUAWEI

When it comes to home speakers, we want something that has an unshakable presence in a room. It should add to the room’s aesthetic and serve the sound that everyone wants party to – anywhere, anytime.

HUAWEI recently launched the HUAWEI Sound X, a Hi-Res and TÜV SÜD certified speaker co-engineered with Devialet, that delivers immersive home audio in a low-key, futuristic-chic package.

It brings any audiophile into a whole new realm with its powerful and cutting-edge performance, revealing details that would otherwise be inaccessible to human ears, and we’re not joking about that!

source: HUAWEI

The HUAWEI Sound X tried-and-true design is flawlessly suited for any environment

source: HUAWEI

In order to bring its unique look to life, the HUAWEI Sound X team worked closely with Devialet, matching the product to fit its surroundings. The speaker’s rounded, cylindrical shape pairs well with any minimalistic interior design that is ever-present in most homes.

The Sound X features a sleek black body with a coating of premium, impact-resistant polycarbonate material to ensure optimal durability, while the lower portion of the speaker is encased with a cover that has dust-proof and splatter-proof properties. Talk about tough!

What makes the HUAWEI Sound X stand out from the rest?

source: HUAWEI

Although design plays a big part, the heart of a speaker is the audio quality. With that in mind, we compared the Sound X with the similarly price Apple HomePod and Harman Kardon’s Allure to test its performance.

1. One button to control it all

source: The AXO

The Sound X features touch buttons at the top, which allows you to perform its functions without any problems. If you have a phone running with Android 5.1.1 or later that supports NFC and Bluetooth, you can also experience the OneHop Audio Sharing feature that represents a new and interactive model that tops the HopePod and Allure.

After you pair your phone with the Sound X via NFC, the speaker can function as your Bluetooth device for both calls and playing audio on your phone.

source: Valueq

The music playback automatically pauses when there is an incoming call and resumes when the call ends. Another handy trick is that you can mute the speaker just by placing your hand on top of it, that’s similar to the ambient sound mode found on noise cancelling earphones.

The buttons are also encircled with an RGB ring indicator that is just visually comforting. Whether it’s placed in your living room, bedroom or even the kitchen, the HUAWEI Sound X will always stand out.

2. Solid highs and lows

source: HUAWEI

Compared with the HomePod, the Sound X produces crisper, more nuanced high frequency audio that demonstrates the speaker’s solid analytical capabilities in the high frequency range. It’s fine-tuned by HUAWEI and Devialet to output audio in rich detail and reproduce any song to the original recording’s standard faithfully in the process.

The speaker truly shines the low frequency range, hitting deep bass tones with a thunderous boom, producing a broad spectrum of low frequencies that bring out the best of every musical genre that you’re into.

The Sound X compares favourably with the Allure as well, thanks to its swift transient response when playing high frequencies, full and mellow tones in medium frequencies, and remarkable ability to reproduce the human voice as if the singer were in the same room. It’s basically a concert experience!

3.  A booming bass like no other

source: Soya Cincau

Naturally, the Sound X hits bass tones with such verve that few speakers can quite compare. This is made possible by Devialet’s exclusive SAM® (Speaker Active Matching) bass enhancement technology that produces intricate low frequency audio for your total immersion into any genre playing.

If we’re being honest, the HomePod and Sound X produce the best bass among the three speakers. When you listen closely, it becomes clear that the bass from the HomePod is duller and less transparent compared with the bass from the Sound X, which sounds like it is being generated by a bookshelf speaker than a compact home speaker. And that is the boom you want, especially when playing electronic or any music that’s bass heavy.

It’s just music to your ears

source: The AXO

When you play an audio with high sound pressure and a broad dynamic range, the Sound X outputs a clear and nuanced sound that you won’t find with the HomePod. As for the Allure, it can have phase issues due to the audio algorithm when playing audio with high sound pressure.

The HomePod utilises solid computing power to bring music to life, and in this respect is much like the Sound X, but it tries to fine-tune the audio in a manner that can be unfaithful to the original recording and features remarkable textures and diverse timbres when you listen to more intricate work, for example, classical music.

source: HUAWEI

Overall, the HUAWEI Sound X does a remarkable job at staying true to the original, authentic sound, while fine-tuning it with newfound flavour. At low and medium frequencies, the Sound X produces sound with richer details and a broader dynamic range, providing next-level listening for every music lover.

The output power on the HomePod compromise its otherwise solid performance but then it presents a challenge when playing low-frequency audio. The HUAWEI Sound X easily outperforms the Allure to such a degree that the HomePod is the Sound X’s only natural competitor.

The arrival of the Sound X and vital support from Devialet, HUAWEI has made a splash in the high-end wireless speaker market. You don’t even have to think twice if you’re looking for next-level home entertainment. It’s the perfect choice for youngsters to party anytime, anywhere.

Priced at RM1,299 only, the HUAWEI Sound X is available for sale in Malaysia throughout the nation.
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Learn more about the HUAWEI Sound X here.

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