This weekend, find substantial dance music via South Korean Marcus L, mend or agitate your heartbreak at The Bee, Publika, and round up the hangover of both alcoholic and romantic kind with beers and tacos.

Friday – Get Some Substance with Marcus L (Faust/Ameniia, Seoul) at Jiro KL, 11pm

source: Marcus L

Management company Substance continues to live up to its namesake by bringing Marcus L – South Korea’s eminent Head of Faust (Seoul club) and Ameniia (record label) – to Jiro KL. Having grown up in Seoul, then enduring an English bildungsroman, and making a name for himself through his prolific stint at techno Mecca Berlin before finally bringing that hard-earned experience back to Seoul, the man’s got three countries to thank for his preferred sound and the rise of Faust as a significant club in Seoul. Beyond being a promoter, event organiser, and DJ, Marcus is also part of live ambient duo S.O.N.O, who’s performed at Sweden’s Malmö and shared stages with the likes of Sebastian Mullaert and Nakadia. So, he’s definitely got some serious pedigree in his brand of dance music. Alam and Alan Tand will support the night. Entry is RM35.

Listen to Marcus L’s ‘what we see’ below:

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Saturday – Heartbreak Date with Sam Rui @ The Bee, Publika, 9pm

source: Sam Rui

It’s gonna be a sadsack Valentine’s Day celebration this Saturday. Singapore’s r’n’b chanteuse, Sam Rui, and her frequent producer F ∆ U X E will be joined by our very own sadboys alextbh and Emir Hermono – along with DJ sets by Naufal and Dan $hiv – at the Raising the Bar (RTB)-organised Welcome to Heartbreak. Distinctly focused on today’s genre du jour – r’n’b – this is the first event by RTB that departs from their strict hip hop code; apt, as this will after all celebrate heartache.

Listen to Sam Rui’s ‘Solid Gold’:

… and alextbh’s ‘Stoop So Low’:

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Sunday – Tacos and Craft Beers @ Ales & Lagers, 3pm

source: Sam Rui

If you find yourself still in Publika the day after Welcome to Heartbreak, we don’t blame you, a broken heart can lead to binge-drinking. But hey, lucky for you that the mall’s only craft beer joint, Ales & Lagers, got something special going on this Sunday. Their 11th Foodbeerlicious is dedicated to tacos (as prepared by Chick Norris) this round – tacos and beers, now that’s a combo to cure heartbreak – and as usual, the food’s free while stock last.

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