+2dB’s ‘Comet’ Remixes Are Back Online — and Downloadable This Time Around!

source: +2dB

JUICE followers and fans of +2dB surely have noticed that our exclusive uploads of +2dB’s ‘Comet’ remixes went missing from SoundCloud — so did our whole account — since early November. Long story short, our SoundCloud account was taken down due to one too many copyright infringement (protip: Remixes are subjected to copyright law too). But hey, we’re not going to allow a big label stooge of an audio-sharing service — one that has effectively deleted every single file we’ve uploaded to their ‘cloud’ — to ruin a good project; the duo has recently reuploaded the entirety of the remix series (part I and part II) onto their Bandcamp as a free download on Christmas eve last Thursday. Enjoy.

Stream and/or download it below:

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