2010 VIMA Winners

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The VIMA (Voize Independent Music Awards) went down recently at Mist Club in Bangsar. Apart from a few hiccups here and there, the show went smoothly. In fact, there were some rockstar moments with a smashing flaming guitar and a Hummer thrown at the audience. But the results left us a bit confused. How did prog rockers Deja Voodoo Spells beat Hujan for Best Rock Group? Isn’t Elvira (Best Female Vocalist) the Mistress of Darkness? Sure they set a guitar on fire and smashed it at the show, but can anyone remember the last “electrifying-exciting-exhilarating live” performance by expat-teachers Benchmarx? And who the tapas are (Best Pop Group) Senoritas?

The results for the contest (which was in its 2nd year running) were made up from 30% online voting and 70% scores from industry judges (local and international). Though targeted at the local music scene, entries came in from Brunei as well.

It’s nice to see a fun awards show that has so many goofy catagories, but some of the winners left us questioning, “Who are these people?” Well, maybe we’ll know soon.

Here are the results of VIMA 2010.

Best Digital Album
Percaya by Jzellyn

Best Pop Song
1. Prema Yin – ‘Eyo Eyo’
2. Feez Madea – ‘Fly’
3. Amanda Imani – ‘Selamilah Cinta’

Best Pop Group

Best Pop Vocalist
Adi Rani

Best Female Vocalist

Best Rock Song
1. ‘Blinded’ – Crush
2. ‘IKTS’ – Karacoma
3. ‘Life is a Demo’ – The Poseidon Connection feat Kraft & ‘Miracles’ – Inverted Coma (tie)

Best Rock Group
1. Deja Voodoo Spells
2. Hujan
3. Hui Se Di dai

Best Rock Vocalist
Sam – Bunkface

Best Hip Hop Song
1. Diamonds-Kraft featuring Mia Palencia
2. Jamalo – Soundcircus
3. Micbandits

Best Hip Hop Solo
Young Stunna

Best Hip Hop Group

Best Dance Song
1. ‘Music in Me’- Sasi the don featuring Dr.alban
2. ‘To the stars’ – Andrew Ld
3. ‘Illmatika’ – Carz (Nicky C Remix)

Best Dance Act
Electro Pup & Ze (tie)

Best Dance DJ (club)

Best Remix
‘Tomas’ – Jerome Kugan (DJ Sugs drum n bass remix)

Best Collaboration
Change – MAD project (Melissa Indot, Altimet and Deja voodoo spells)

Best Instrumental
‘Irish Joget’ – Akasha

Most Mindboggling Genre Bender
Dylan & Puvan ft. Matilda Radge a.k.a. The Mystery Kitten – ‘Jokkaneh Figureh’

Best Song To Play At Camp Fire and To Do Away With Monday Morning Blues
My Christmas-enoch Cosmic

Best College Act
An Honest Mistake

Best Guitar Goreng Riff
‘Billie Jean’ – Deja Voodoo Spells

Best Producer
‘Diversify’ – Yuri wong (sung by Dennis Lau)

Most Mindblowing Music Video
‘O-Two’ – Mr Koma

Best Chinese Act

Smoothest R&B Act
James Baum

Sunshiney-smiley-feelgood Song
Melissa Indot – ‘I can’t smile without you’

Most Electrifying-Exciting-Exhilarating Live Act

VR1 Award
1. Unity – Ore Malaysia by MK, Atilia and Calvin
2. Positive message – Change – MAD Project

Thank you for Existing

Best Freaking Act (by the bands for the bands)

Song of the Year
X fm – ‘Sisa-Sisa’ by The Times
Hitz.fm – ‘Excuse Me’ by Pesawat

Hall OF Fame
Dato Sri Shazalli Ramly, Jamine Low, Issa Rodriguez, Too Phat, Clair Rozells, Paul Moss and Junk Magazine

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