1st Anniversary @ Replacement

If you find it hard to locate Replacement in Bangsar, we suggest you follow the unique-hair people with an equally unique dress sense. But to avoid being accused of stalking (they don’t mind you staring at them but creeping up behind them is another thing altogether), you should know that it’s at 5-1, Jalan Telawi 2. Memorise this addy the next time you’re feeling hair-venturous or ready to fashionably stand out from the crowd.

Known for its individualistic identity, the boutique and salon recently blown out its first birthday candle on March 4 this year. After some brief moving of the salon’s chairs and voila! Enough room for over 100 people that turned up.

The atmosphere was already jiving by the time JUICE got there. With drinks, canap̩s, music and people of mutual interest all in one spot how can the party not be good. DJ Bling, Xu and Arabyrd cooked up a beat storm on the decks while the crowd shuffled, dance and mingled. Ricco from Replacement took this opportunity to highlight his budding talent Рa wall displaying his photographic skills which we found were very good.

If you’ve missed the fun, don’t be glum, in all good cheer the peeps at Replacement have come up with their Anniversary Economic Stimulate Your Wallet Bailout Blowout and We Love You Happy Hour; No, Replacement isn’t turning into a cocktail bar, it’s a 20 percent discount off on all chemical and treatment services every Monday, Wednesday and Friday until the end of May 09.

Put that cursor right here for snaps of the event. Or to find out more about Replacement, log on to http://replacementboutiquesalon.blogspot.com/.