‘1234’… Bittersweet’s New Single and More!

Speaking of new music, local indie darlings Bittersweet have come up with a new single as well. And by the looks of the accompanying music vid, these guys have come a long way since Kami.


‘1234’ off Bittersweet’s upcoming album, Empire’s Transition was filmed in Damansara Jaya over 18 hours by Alet Arzuan Anuar. The video is pretty interesting as far as local mtvs go. A cross between Chris Cunningham-spookiness and Japan-o-rama quirk with lotsa random animations, the band’s choon stands strong albeit their Brit rock musings. From Ipoh jamming studios to national airwaves, Bittersweet finally look like the rockstars they are…

So what do you think of their new music video and single? Let us know at the comment box below.

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