10 Unpopular Opinions On Marriage, Shared by Malaysians

(source: Kaodim)

Our culture is obsessed with falling in love and weddings. You can clearly see it in the endless streams of films, TV shows, books, magazine articles, local celebrity posts (and on and on and on). We work out the logistics of first, finding your one true jodoh, and second, throwing a big, beautiful kenduri or dinner to celebrate it.

The high-pressure of getting married in Malaysia (or Asia for that matter) is something we all can’t avoid. It doesn’t matter if you’re single or you’ve just started dating, the question “Bila nak kahwin?” is constantly present whenever you’re at a family event. While falling-in-love stories follow a clear narrative arc, with major highs and lows, and a big pay-off at the end, marriage is different.


Recently, Twitter user @Nasaronz posed one simple question, “Unpopular Opinion: Marriage?”. Twitterjaya came straight in to give their thoughts and opinions. FYI, unpopular opinions are simply defined as ideas and beliefs that go against or completely contradict the conventional status quo.

So, we decided to compile tweets that we could find that states exactly that. You’ll be surprised with what some Malaysians have to say. Scroll down to see these tweets:







(Translation: Advice from a widow, marriage is purely an intrasexual competition. Advice from an old person, wisdom is key.)





With almost everyone contradicting each other above, you can see how people react differently to one specific topic. And to be honest, one might say it’s an unpopular opinion, but some might say it’s not. So it depends really on how you view marriage yourself as a whole.

Don’t let this article scare you though! Cause with the right partner, you’ll be okay… hopefully.

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