10 things i learned at force of nature

  1. People will not fork out RM80 for a music festival that doesn’t have any foreign (read: American) artists of oh-my-god-he’s-here-he’s-actually-really-here caliber.
  2. The artists who did perform on Saturday sang, spun, scratched and acted their hearts out. Big ups to them for caring.
  3. Waiting in line for an hour and a half for a 3 minute hot-air balloon ride will not dampen the spirits of a nine-year old girl. she might talk your ear off while you wait in line with her, but her spirits will remain undampened. Be forewarned.
  4. All VIP lounges for outdoor events need to learn from the one they had at Force of Nature. The food and drinks came fast and plentiful. The female ushers were hip hop music video-worthy. The flatscreen plasma TVs were extremely flat. The air conditioning was a godsend. The only thing missing was a Playstation 2 and a Street Fighter Alpha 3 tournament.
  5. Superstars look great on stage. Backstage they look like 5-truck-pileup victims.
  6. Regardless of how old you are, when you see about 10 gigantic inflated playground thingies that you can climb, slide down and bounce on, you will want to do exactly those things. I know I did. But security hauled me away.
  7. On a related note, give any adult – international pop stars, especially – the chance to play with hand paints and marker pens, and they will hop excitedly like 5-year olds circa 1984 in front of the television when the Fraggle Rock theme song comes on.
  8. Massive outdoor events with multiple stages in Malaysia will always work according to this performance hierarchy: pop idols and rock gods get the biggest stage with the most lights, DJs will get the highest stage platform with the best speakers, and theatre and comedy troupe types get the smallest stage and the most folding chairs.
  9. If you want to be happy, don’t expect debauchery from a Malaysian music festival. Force of Nature looked like a miniature Glastonbury (with kerepok lekor stands – beat that, ye Brits!) but no booby-flashing, no mud children, no kegs, no 4-foot-tall pipes. Oh well. Maybe during Merdeka celebrations.
  10. The most important thing I learned at Force of Nature: never, ever wear white sneakers to an event held on a polo field. Grass is nothing. Mud is a minor irritation. But horse doo doo is hell.

Force of Nature: Yogyakarta Quake Aid 2006 still needs your help! For more info on this humanitarian initiative, check out their official website.