10 Hilarious First Date Catastrophes to Make Your Day Better

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(source: The Sun)

The struggle of being single and dating is real y’all. When you finally match on Tinder with someone you think could work, it goes straight to the scariest part of it all, meeting each other for the first time. First impression is everything and oh man, it could only go two ways; either your date is easy and fun to talk to, or it ends up being a disaster that makes you feel like you’re partaking in a comedy skit you’re unaware of. Knowing that it might all happen, it’s scary to put yourself out there. But trust me, some people had it worst.

Kicked off by television host Jimmy Fallon, (who created the hashtag challenge on Twitter called #worstfirstdate) we’ve compiled the top 10 funniest and cringe worthy posts down below. So if you think you’ve had it bad, you might wanna take that thought back.












Now, you probably feel like locking yourself up just to avoid all the dates you’re planning to go. But hey, there’s a 50/50 chance that you might miss out on meeting your soul-mate. So whatever it is, always take your chances. If for some reason you feel like the universe just hates you (never-ending bad dates), just brush it off and think of it as one step closer to finding the “one”. Patience is key, so good luck!

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