10 Bangin’ Fashion-Killa OOTD’s From #GVF2018

OOTD’s Images Ewan Jade

Now that we are all suffering from post-concert depression, let’s take a moment to appreciate all the bomb-ass looks that were served to us at this year’s Good Vibes Festival.

We loved the fact that not many we’re going for the typical floral “Coachella” fit that we’re lowkey bored of. Instead, we noticed that everyone went a lil’ bit edgy this time around. Less flower-crowns, more belt-chains. We ain’t complaining.

But before we dive in, here’s a short memo to all the haters out there.. If you’re the type of person that loves calling out people for dressing up at a music festival, calm down and let people enjoy things! There’s nothing wrong with vibin’ out to music AND dressing up. Those two things definitely goes hand-in-hand, both serve as a medium to express our personality and feelings. So don’t be too salty y’all.

Enough babbling and let’s get straight to the OOTDs, we have ten fits for you to admire..











Shout out to Ewan Jade for shooting all these lewks! Follow him on Instagram for more by clicking here