1 Minute To Save The World

Go on, be a hero. Yes, YOU can save the world in 1 minute by entering this new international film festival. A short film challenge on how you can combat climate change, create a video, enter the 1 Minute to Save the World competition and er, save the world. Easy!

All you’ve got to do is record a video on how to save the world in less than a minute. It sounds easy, but this is definitely not. After all you have to rack your brains for a simple but effective solution to the climate change wores. Come 10 October, 15 favourites will be selected by public rating. After that, 20 finalists will be screened by a panel of judges and winners will be announce at the end of October.

This festival is to share perspectives and responses from different individuals to help everyone understand and enable us all to help with the rapid change in climate the world is facing. It just takes 1 minute to be heard.

Visit www.1minutetosavetheworld.com to find out more.