‘Where No Man Has Gone Before’ Contest

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The sexy people from Foldees need birthday cards for its gallery and they are letting you to contribute to their collection. Foldees are running a birthday card design contest called ‘Where No Man Has Gone Before’. Just submit a sci-fi themed birthday card idea to them and win US$2,300 in cash! Wow wee wow wee wow! Think of lightsabers, H.R. Ginger and Futurama, so go creatively wild with your submission.

Submission for your sci-fi birthday cards from 9 February to 22 March 2009. 1st prize will be US$1,000, 2nd prize is US$600, 3rd prize will get US$300 and US$100 for 2 consolation prize. Remember, only flat vector art is allowed. No gradients, rasters or fancy effects like filters and drop shadows. Keep it simply, yo.

Download the the AI template immediately here. Don’t forget to read the FAQ section for copyrighted materials here. Don’t be a boo hoo.

Check www.foldees.com out if you haven’t already.

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