Yoke & Theam’s Sandals

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The birth of Yoke & Theam was inspired by the founders’ grandfather, a well-known cobbler who specialised in children’s shoes pre-WWII. Theam’s granddaughters, a quartet of passionate women, decided to continue fulfilling both their grandfather and father’s legacy in the art of shoemaking but instead of creating leather and children’s shoes, they decided to cater to a larger market — women. There are two prominent collections for Yoke & Theam; Sports Luxe featuring rubber sandals named Zeus, Ace, Picabo, Sascha, and Serena; and Tropical Holiday, which consists of printed leather sandals named Andre, Zinnia, and Mae. These sandals are extremely comfortable and durable, so the price tag fits. We love that the sandals give the wearer a little height too, plus the monochrome colour palette makes it suitable for just about any outfit.

Check out the sandals and its prices below:

Yoke & Theam’s sandals retail from RM215 to RM280 and will be available at LonelyDream in Telawi Square from Saturday 31 October ’15  or via www.yokentheam.com

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