X-ray Vision: Getting under the skin of fashion

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They say that the pursuit of material things is superficial. But for artist Nick Veasey it’s what lies beneath that beguiles. A photographer with the X-Factor – the X here standing for X-ray – Nick Veasey doesn’t shoot with a camera, he shoots with a linear accelerator, the kind you’d find on a an industrial X-Ray scanner.

Having spent over a decade chronicling all manner of objects animate and inanimate, organic and man-made, peeling back the surface layers for a look within, his haunting works, which are considered both art and science, are presently on show in the permanent collections of some of the world’s major museums, ranging from the Victoria & Albert Museum in London to the San Francisco Museum of Contemporary Art. They are also revealed in his book X-Ray: See Through the World Around You, and in conjunction with his Fashion X-Rayed exhibition, Nick is turning his attention to fashion.

Admittedly it’s not his most challenging foray – that would be zapping a Boeing 747 in its hanger. Nor is it his first – he previously photographed Kylie’s knickers. You can however witness 15 other amazing, unpublished images at his Fashion X-rayed exhibition at Espace at La Vallée Shopping Village in Serris France, just outside of Paris.

Due to be revealed in September, the exhibition sees him take aim at iconic fashion items to reveal the often hidden inner beauty beneath the alluring external surface of often such everyday objects.

“To take my work to the home of fashion and show the French the beauty and complexity of garments has long been an ambition of mine,” Nick says in anticipation of the opening. My art is a metaphor for looking beyond the surface, beauty being more than skin deep. As fashion is obsessed with glamour, celebrity and looks, it will be interesting to see if the deeper meanings inherent in the exhibition resonate with public.”

To mark the exhibition Nick Veasey has also worked with La Vallée Village to produce a series of limited edition T-shirts available exclusively at Espace La Vallée throughout the duration of the exhibition.

The Fashion X-Rayed exhibition by Nick Veasey runs at Espace La Vallée until 4 September 2011, from 10am to 7pm. Admission is free. La Vallée Village outside of Paris is a member of Chic Outlet Shopping.