Women’secret SS 09

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Living in a country that spells 30 degrees and above does have its perks. For starters, Spring happens 24/7 365. However, when was the last time you’ve stopped and smelled the flowers? Women’secret goes one-on-one with Mother Nature, injecting a little positive chemistry into its Spring 2009 collection.

Divided into four different lines for Spring: the Leaves collection is characterised by its all-over prints and big borders. Girly details like ruffles in the sleeves, bows, flounces, pleats and gathered necks turn up to great effect, while accessories include vanity bags and slippers.

Sweet, romantic and fresh - if you fit the bill, the Rose collection is for you. Prints are inspired by vintage scarves featuring different flowers in khaki, violet, pink and white, and the materials used are fresh and light, namely silk, cotton and linen with embroidered details.

The Orient Tree line calls for a balancing act between off-white and black, watercolour prints and Japanese lines, and natural fabrics such as bamboo silk knit. For the Champagne line, think sunset by the beach with colours ranging from off-white, yellow and turquoise with hints of chocolate, while bows, embroidery, valenciennes and patchwork combine to create different textures.

Check out the latest collection on their website http://womensecret.com/Store/ or go to their store at F005, 1st floor, Mid Valley, KL.

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