‘What Is A Val?’ Tote Bags


‘What Is A Val?’ is a collection of illustrated tote bags designed by an Architect student in Singapore who uses personal reflection and poetry as her main source of inspiration behind the art that’s printed on cloth. Each bag is accompanied with a poem written by Valerie that gives a rough idea about why the illustration is what it is, but not a definitive answer as the artist — like all artists — leaves room for personal interpretation. Our favourites are the ‘Man’ tote bag with the poem, “Hello everybody, earth’s getting hot, don’t blame anybody, we are all at fault, so before Earth cries out ‘forget-me-not’, when you wanna anyhow shop, shout ‘ABORT!'” and ‘Rain’, “The sky is raining again, the rain is flooding the drains, the flood is racking all brains, to solve the problem that reigned.”

Check the rest of the collection out below:

Each tote bag retails at SGD19 and is available via Naiise.