What Do Samurais, Star Wars and Boots Have in Common?

Timberland recently launched its latest collection entitled ‘Yoko Giri’ which draws inspiration from the iconic ’50s Japanese adventure film Seven Samurai. The basis of the movie flows in the same vein as that of a classic Western cowboy-bandit movie only with exceptionally badass samurais. Directed by Akira Kurosawa — he’s George Lucas’ inspiration when Lucas created lightsabers and the overall look of the Jedi in Star Wars; Lucas even mimicked Kurosawa’s use of wide-cinematic shots where characters appear minuscule to the surroundings.

Can you imagine what the realms of pop culture and fashion would be like today had Seven Samurai not been made? Let’s save the existential crisis for later.

Back to the ‘Yoko Giri’ collection. With the new batch of Timberlands, the renowned footwear brand introduces new colourways such as blue, red and green — and we’re talking electric hues — to the market as well as its favourable neutral silhouettes.

There are a total of 7 colours to choose from, each one meant to represent a different personality (i.e: wheat for when you’re feeling classic, red for when you’re feeling more ‘out there’) to encourage revealing its wearer’s true colour.

So, what’s different about these boots in comparison to Timberland’s iconic ones? Well, these are made of canvas but aside from that, it’s pretty much built on the same foundation as Timberland’s previous boots; padded collar, EVA footbed, Sensorflex technology — all of which that’s meant to provided maximum comfort and ensure durability for long-lasting wear.

Aside from footwear, Timberland also branch out into apparels — it’s part of the ‘Yoko Giri’ collection, but this bit is labeled as ‘Kesa Giri’ — with oversized and long t-shirts following the same colour palette as its boots. It’s as comfortable as it looks, check it out below:

Take a look at the boots below:

For those who are less adventurous, there are classic tones available too:

The collection is available at all Timberland outlets and retails at RM599. More from Timberland Malaysia here.