We Just Can’t Get Enough

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When spending our weekends in Barsonic just ain’t enough. Fashionably loud Barsonic tees get remixed by TAG regulars!

Calling all Barsonic junkies and groupies, profess your love with Barsonic’s Series tees ‘On-The-Go’ that comes in 4 different designs from 3 different Barsonic resident DJs Lapsap, Ad Bangers and TAG and the 4th from design comin’ from Zouk. JUICE took these tees back ‘home’ to Barsonic and whaddaya say? The ‘family’ certainly approves.

Get your pre-DIY Barsonic tees at Zouk Club KL, retailed at RM25 for one and RM40 for a pair. Hit up www.zoukclub.com.my to find out more about Zouk.

Images Miranda Yeoh