Watch Out For The Holiday Season!

Christmas is around the corner – er, 2 days away, but it still isn’t too late to get your loved ones gifts for Christmas. Watches make awesome gifts for anyone whether its your other half, your family or that person you’ve been stalking the past year.. Well we have those for you too, a whole bunch of em’ that have just been released for the holiday season.

Colour Mania

If you like colour, FCUK Time has its Candylicious Collection that’s all fun with its crystal bezels, mother-of-pearl dials and gummy bear colours.

Toywatch just recently launched their biggest store in the world right here in KL in The Gardens and have a pretty vast collection of colourful watches in their ‘Jelly Looped’ and their ‘Fluo Pearly’ line.

Remember, Christmas is the season for giving so it’s the thought that counts. But, if you don’t like your presents you can always send them over to us at JUICE towers. We love presents.

Check FCUK out at, and Toywatch at,