Vinter Vintage: Vintage Point

source: Vinter Vintage

Images The Spool

If you think that retro-inspired dress you purchased from one of the boutiques from Bangsar is “vintage”, please put it away, and never speak of it again, especially in the presence of Lone Larsen and Anna Olsen, owners of the latest vintage store to hit our town – Vinter Vintage. These ladies take vintage fashion seriously, having grown up together and spending time going through their parents’ past wardrobes, and trying on their homemade ‘70s garments; you could say that scouring through their grandmamas’ attics is like a treasure hunt for them!

Currently residing in Malaysia, Lone and Anna make frequent trips back to their homeland Copenhagen, Germany regularly to explore the many famous thrift stores in the capital, doing the hard work (so we don’t have to) of looking for garments with textiles that no longer exist, admired techniques that have receded due to mass productions over the decades, and meticulous details that have since been lost. But most importantly, looking for one-off vintage pieces with a story to tell: short and loose Charleston dresses of the Roaring Twenties, Dior’s New Look in the late ‘40s, the ‘mini’ trend from the swinging ‘60s, and the maxi-style from the hippie ‘70s.

Besides that, Vinter Vintage has also taken the initiative to create a mini booklet for each of their vintage piece, so the buyer and/or collector can know more about which decade it was hailed from, and what interesting story of origin it holds. There is a Shakespearean-like grey dress with extensive embellishments currently on display at their showroom, which was made for and once worn by a Danish princess for her birthday!

If you’re one for standing out from the crowd in terms of fashion, Vinter Vintage definitely has things covered for you with their ever growing collection of iconic vintage pieces up for grabs. Fashion lovers and historians can also rest assured that none of these pieces will go “out of trend” like the many mass-produced fashion items out there. Vintage fashion is, after all, designed to last. We mean, most garments have already outlasted decades, let alone seasons!

Vinter Vintage is located at Soho 1, C-3A-13, Empire Perdana, Jalan PJU 8/8A, Damansara Perdana. Visitations by appointment only via telephone at 016 260 1708 and 017 988 2712, and via email at [email protected].