Vans Limited Edition Croc Pack

The average skateboarder might not look like someone your mum wants you to bring home to meet the fam, but skateboarders are cool. Throwing a finger up at gravity, scoffing in the face of a concrete, worrying not that the railing may have scuppered any hopes for children, you can’t deny the “devil-may-care” ‘tude of these adrenaline junkies. Sneakily enough some of the smarter streetwear companies have already twigged to the irressistable air of danger that skateboarders have and design some pretty rad gear for them. For the rest of us who treasure our limbs, there’s Vans’ latest limited edition croc pack shoes. So slap us silly and call us poser if we’re rubbish on wheels but dig this anyway…

Not just for show, skaters can attack ramps, do ollies and 360 kick flips in these here stylin’ Vans. With its sturdy ankle support and thick shock absorbing soles, Vans have merged style with comfort and practicality.

Vans Limited Edition Croc Pack Shoes come in 2 styles; the iconic Vans Half Cab, which salutes renowned skateboarder Steve Caballero; and the slick and smooth simple lace-up Vans Era.

In 2 colourways: black uppers with blue accents; and white with black lining, the Vans Croc Pack collection is available at selected Stadium, Studio R and Royal Sporting House outlets.

The Vans Half Cab and the Vans Era retails at RM229 and RM199 respectively. Check ’em out here for a closer look.