Vans Classics Van Doren Holiday ’14 Collection

Vans Classics Van Doren Collection for Holiday 2014

Trust us, you’d definitely get a kick out of these nifty new kicks from the Vans Classics Van Doren latest collection. As an ongoing tribute to the brand’s beginnings as a family-run company, they have reissued three more vintage prints — just in time for Christmas.

The Classic Slip-On kicks things off with the black and white Geo Tribe print, as seen in the good ol’ made-in-USA Vans T-shirt from the late ’80s. The Era follows up with two retro-styled colourways dating back to the early ’90s: the multicoloured Geo Native print gives a lively mix of blue, red, white, and orange to the coveted low-top, whereas the Repeat Skull graphics is a spooky all-over skull arrangement across the lace-up.

The Vans Classics Van Doren Holiday ’14 collection is now available at all Vans boutiques and selected dealers nationwide.