Fan Series Garden-B_small

Having already won a handful of accolades in the UK, such as the Commercial Viability Award 2012 from the British Jewellers Association, the Sir John Cass School of Arts graduate Valerie Yap’s ‘Valkyerie’ collection is a harmonious clash of her Malaysian Chinese roots and her many travels while studying abroad in the UK, a melodic mix of the old and the new, and an amicable blend of natural fluid forms and architectural linear lines.

The debut collection features the Fan Series, which sees Valerie working with laser cut technology, bringing a modern twist to the traditional Chinese accessory. Originally made for her thought-provoking exhibition in London themed ‘Precious Plastics’, the Fan Series utilises brass plated in 18K gold and plastic, giving the precious collection a distinguishable look that’s not just pleasing to the eye, but also meaningful.

The beloved Crescent Ring, on the other hand, carries a more minimalistic Scandinavian approach that she picked up during her studies abroad. Available in silver and silver plated with 18K gold, the gemstones are semi-precious blue topaz. Additionally, with her thorough understanding in the art of moulding her jewellery pieces to each client’s individual personality, the gemstones for the Crescent Ring and Crescent Ring Mini can be changed to sapphire in any colour of the wearer’s choice, ruby or diamond.

Valerie Yap’s ‘Valkyerie’ collection is available online at