Uniqlo’s Lifewear SS16 Collection


Uniqlo is a brand well-known for understanding the concept of wearing comfortable clothes without having to sacrifice the stylish aspect of it. It plays with a clean aesthetic that works in favour of those who choose to express themselves via clothes. Besides simplicity, practical wear is key to Uniqlo – its pieces are versatile, each can be paired with anything depending on the wearer’s creativity. For its SS16 collection, Uniqlo compartmentalised each line based on the occasion its suitable to be worn in, such as ‘Active’ — functional clothing for the active person. This is someone who wakes up at the crack of dawn for a morning run — who are you?! — before going into the office. Key pieces from this collection are the Dry EX Series, AIRism, and Block Tech Parka. Next is ‘Contemporary’, which is essentially a minimalist’s ideal wardrobe. Then there’s ‘Essentials’ — think wardrobe staples like jeans, chinos, cotton shirts, thus its namesake.

Photos from Active:




Then, Contemporary:

Contemporary 2

Contemporary 6

Contemporary 8

And lastly, Essentials:

Essentials 5

Essentials 1

Essentials 2

Some of Uniqlo’s Lifewear SS16 Collection are already available at Uniqlo stores. The entirety of this collection will be available in February. More from Uniqlo here