Uniqlo and Lemaire’s FW15 Collection


When two brands that champion minimalism and timeless garments respectively decide to work together on a collaborative collection, the end result should come as no surprise; neutral colours (with a bits of red every now and then), comfortable cashmere coats and jackets, sweaters that one could live in, cardigan made of lambswool, and wool and cashmere pants — what more does a wardrobe need?! Space. We’ll need to find a way to fit everything in. These pieces are perfect for layering and due to its simplistic manner accessorising will be a breeze! It’s also great for consumers who practise the “less is more” mantra aka us.

Check out the men’s collection in its entirety below:

And women’s:

The Uniqlo and Lemaire FW15 season collection will be available at Fahrenheit 88 on Friday 2 October ’15 and it will be available online as well. For pricing information click here