Trendy Confessions + Just Bag It

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There were once two sisters called Trudy and Trina who had love for fashion but had disdain for the lack of fashionable clothes that catered to girls with bodacious bods like themselves. So one fine day, these two sisters had enough so they sat in a small room and brainstormed til the idea of Trendy Confessions came up in March 2008.

Trudy, the eldest of the two is the brains while the younger sister Trina is their plus size mascot. Being teased for her size inspired her to develop her own fashion taste. Together, this “crazy, hyper and super loud” duo as described by them, set up a stylish blog boutique that carries all kinds trend worthy dresses and accessories so that plus sized girls don’t have to miss out on being fashionable. Learning from trial and error, Trudy and Trina took the next step and branched out to sell every girl’s favourite: bags by starting Just Bag It in August 2008. If you suffer from bag lust, then click with caution. Each bag will scream out for you to buy them. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Ladies with your humps and lovely ladies lumps check out their clothes at and the bags at