Trends We <3

It’s the almost the new year, so it’s in with the new and out with the old. Here’s a list of trends we’re loving and ones we’re over (we’re fickle like that!).

Trends We <3!!!

Mixed and Matched
Denim Overload
Rocking the Edge
Draping – it went full force in 2010
Maxi Dresses
Oversized Knits

Trends We’re Over!

Faux Fur – Unnecessary in this weather!
Side Shave – We’ve had enough
Bunny Ears – Cute but short lived
Boot Sandals
Super low baggy jeans on men – Hello it isn’t 1996 anymore!
Harem pants – is it over yet?
Oversized Glasses with no lenses
Floral – done to death
Neon – it’s still here!
Ott Heels