T-Shirts Created For Tough Girls
by The Covert Collective

There’s no denying the statements our materialistic possessions make when we wear them — it’s either for validation of our cool kid status or to represent our identities. The ‘Tough Girls Club’ collection is one that’s inspired by the latter. Using Sheena Liam as its muse, The Covert Collective and the Tough Girls Club translate the drive and resilience Sheena applies to her modelling career onto its cotton t-shirts.

Its designs are simple with English text and Chinese characters being its only graphics, but it’s enough to get heads to turn. There are three designs in total; one that reads ‘Monolid’, another that says ‘Goddess’, and the final one being the titular ‘Tough Girls Club’. The Covert Collective initially released this last month in conjunction with International Women’s Day but it sold out as soon as it was marketed, thankfully the brand has recently restocked these products and all t-shirts are available for purchase again — this round includes sizes up to XXL too.

Check them out below:

Each shirt retails at RM50, shop the collection here. Follow The Covert Collective on Instagram here