Topshop’s ‘Back In The Daze’ SS16 Collection


Let’s come to terms with the fact that there’s no way to be completely rid of fashion trends popular in the ’90s unless millennials cease to exist, but until that happens — which it won’t for another half a century — embrace it. The first step to accepting this trend is to own a cut-out bodycon dress but if dresses are too, well, dressy for you, there’s the option of pairing skinny ribbed jersey with ripped jeans for a sporty look that says “I don’t care about my appearance but I really do, c’mon check out how flat my stomach is in this crop top?” Then of course, adding a bomber jacket over said ‘sporty’ ensemble turns it from being suitable on a fashion running track — like a runway but where we imagine models go to workout — to appropriate gig-gear. Preferably shows where rock or grunge bands are performing — hey, grunge fashion is as big a deal as punk’s, alright?

These ideas can be brought to life thanks to one of Topshop’s upcoming collections entitled ‘Back In The Daze’. Here, Topshop reworks popular garments and cuts from the ’90s by adding current interests, so think minimal, practical, and #OOTD-worthy designs and styles.  Some of our favourite items are seen below; a bomber jacket with patchwork on the top right of its shoulder, a black and white slip-dress + t-shirt combination — like a longer version of Cher Horowitz’s tennis outfit, and all the white sneakers. All.

Check out the ‘Back In The Daze’ collection below:




… and the collection’s shoes and accessories:

TOPSHOP_SS16_Back_in_the_daze_(35)_-£24_MID_FEB TOPSHOP_SS16_Back_in_the_daze_(34) TOPSHOP_SS16_Back_in_the_daze_(36)

Topshop’s ‘Back In The Daze’ collection will be available in Topshop outlets from February onwards. Shop Topshop here