Time For Making Nooka

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When it comes to style, there are 2 types of people: the followers; and then there are the trendsetters, those risk-loving few who take a massive style detour and go out of the way to stand out and set themselves apart from the rest. For the latter, the run or the mill rubber time piece just won’t cut it. Nooka watches  might just be the thing to scratch that itch.

Nooka watches are the clever invention of Matthew Waldman who is a New York based  artist and designer. A contraction of the word “New Yorker” in a NYC accent, like Tokyoflash and 1he0ne watches, Nooka watches tell time differently.

JUICE got its head in a tizzy just trying to figure it out. Nooka’s most popular model (above) the AL/Camo for example features 4 different bars, the top 2 bars represent hours, the 3rd minutes and the 4th seconds. The first hour bar shows 1-6 hours and the second hour bar is 7-12.

JUICE was spoilt for choice picking out a favourite. Each watch such as the Zub and the C/V series comes in different colours and if that ain’t exclusive enough Nooka also carry limited edition collaborations.

You can get yours online at Nooka’s official site, but you have been warned. Looking unique comes at a price; a Nooka watch can set you back at USD285 a pop at the very least.

Get your watch porn fix at www.nookawatch.com and buy em’ online at www.nooka.com/buy

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