Three Faced: Watch Out Part 2

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When winter is ending and the snow thaws to make way for Spring, its a beautiful time to head outdoors for physical activities. If plastic/rubber digital watches aren’t your thing then chronograph watches are the way to go for your timekeeping/stopwatch needs. And if you don’t do sports, then what the heck. Chronograph watches are extremely versatile and will look good for work or play.

Chronograph watches are the type your see with plenty of hands that can usually measure time in different ways. from the usual timekeeping or more specific time measurements in which there are several sub dials with a scale, from which the measurements can be read. Most people use these things, others just owns one because it looks so damn good.

Spring this year brings plenty of choices for you chronograph watch lovers. Here are a few handsome chronograph watches fit for men:

Top row (L-R) Michael Kors RM899, Michael Kors RM949, Michael Kors RM899
2nd row (L-R) Fossil RM529, Fossil RM549, Fossil RM499
3rd row (L-R) Fossil, Price unavailable, Fossil RM449, Fossil RM529
Bottom row (L-R) Fossil RM449, Fossil RM499

And for the ladies, there isn’t any reason why chronograph watches are restricted only to males! Here are a few picks should you decide to get one.

Top (L-R) DKNY RM748, DKNY RM748, DKNY RM748
2rd row (L-R) Fossil RM429, RM429. RM449
3rd row (L-R) Michael Kors RM999, RM999, RM1999
last row (L-R) Michael Kors RM899

Spring 2010 collection for DKNY, Fossil and Michael Kors can be found at all good watch outlets in Malaysia. For more info log on to,, and

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