Thisappear: Pop Goes the Weasels!

source: Thisappear

In a community where fashion and design trends are constantly changing, a commonplace is called for, where you can experience the designs and get your hands on these “unapproachable” fashion pieces before they run out. Thisappear is an aptly and creatively named pop-up store that is a fashion boutique, a coffee stop, and a furniture shop – all roll into one hip hang out place.

Currently, Thisappear features four brands coming together for its first collaboration: fashion designer Joe Chia, with his latest Chapter03: Deliquescent SS14 collection; up and coming fashion designer Justin Chew with his own recent fashion pieces; Nowhereman by Artisan Roast with their array of exclusive coffee blends and brews and gourmet sandwiches by Tommy Le Baker and homemade cakes by Bakes by TartArt; and beautifully crafted raw furniture and lighting by Dumpwerks.

Like all pop-up stores, Thisappear is here to stay for a duration of six months, after which, a change of concept and collaborators will once again take place to introduce another group of the hottest fashion and design trendsetters in the scene.

So, drop by Thisappear today for a cuppa and cakes, and check out this season’s latest fashion, before they all, well – disappear.

source: Thisappear source: Thisappear source: Thisappear

Thisappear is located at 20-02, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, open daily from 11AM to 9PM. For more information on the pop-up store, log on to