This Works — Modern Natural Beauty Skincare, Anti-Ageing Products, and Insomnia Remedies For Sleep

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“Does it really?” was the immediate incredulous reaction we had after being introduced to This Works – a British skincare brand that promotes hydration, radiance, and natural skincare for all skin types and tones. For a skincare label to have a direct approach to its branding was both promising and worrying because what if the results didn’t reflect its image? But we’re happy to report that our trial period with This Works was exceptionally pleasant; we’ve gotten more sleep (than usual) thanks to its pillow spray. And when we don’t get enough rest? Its no wrinkles midnight moisture saves our skin from looking like its aged 800 years.

Read what we have to say about its products below:

Deep Sleep Pillow Spray


Having enough sleep every night is just as important as hoarding lipsticks that are pretty to look at but never to use, though sometimes it can be difficult — especially when our minds are working on overdrive. We’re not advocates of sleeping pills, however, this sleeping spray does the trick without any potentially weird side effects (say no to dizziness and diarrhoea!). This magical product for insomniacs is made with a combination of Acacia Senegal and Xantham Gum, fragrances of lavender, vetiver, and wild camomile, which acts as a fast-acting solution to sleeping problems. We’ve used it for a couple of months and have found the results to match its clinically proven study results — we had deeper night’s sleep than usual and felt completely relaxed in the morning. Don’t sleep on buying this!

Retails at RM102.

No Wrinkles Midnight Moisture

no wrinkles midnight moisture

In the event that getting more than five hours of sleep is a luxury, This Works has also created a moisturising formula that tricks your skin into believing it’s received sufficient sleep. This intensely hydrating cream is meant to fight against results of stress and fatigue — another must-have product for those of us who believe that sleep is for the weak, aka those whose working hours are between 9am to when we’re dead. Ingredients for this moisturiser include Persian Silk Tree extract – works against signs of fatigue while we’re asleep – and Marine collagen, which works on tissue regeneration and improving elasticity. The texture is relatively thick, so the amount used for application needn’t be by very much. Despite having various acids and collagens, it has a pleasant scent to it; like something one would find in a spa.

Retails at RM291.

In Transit Camera Close Up

ITCCU packshot high res

Step #1 to having the most perfectly caked up face is the usage of a primer. Huda Beauty knows that no person enjoys having their work of art tainted by the sight of visible crease lines, but that’s easily avoided given that the right primer is used. We’ve tested the in transit camera close up and it hasn’t disappointed us; it’s made with Echium and sunflower oils, both of which serve as helpers to regulate the skin’s moisture levels in a more efficient manner. Ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid, caffeine, and starflower oils are also used to rebalance and hydrate complexion. That’s right, on top of ensuring your makeup glides onto your skin smoothly, it also works as a moisturiser. Who doesn’t want a versatile product?

Retails at RM192.

This Works is available at Sephora outlets and