This is Where Gorillaz Get Most of Their Eclectic Music Samples

The craze around Humanz (the band’s latest record) hasn’t died yet thanks to this video by YouTube user Kirima Nagi who did the dirty work of detailing samples from Gorillaz’ 2001 self-titled album all the way up to their most recent work. The comprehensive video gives us a wider look into the production wonders of the band, like the drum samples in their debut piece that were modified into stronger beats to match each of their musical progress. However, Gorillaz isn’t the only musician who does this, artistes have long been known for sampling works of others whether it’s as obvious as Ray Charles’ ‘I Got A Woman’ on Kanye West’s ‘Gold Digger’, or unnoticeable ‘80s zombie flick samples like Day of The Dead in Gorillaz’s ‘M1 A1’.

To listen to more obscure sounds used by the band, watch the video below:

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