Third Culture x Sherwan Rozan: My Love Letters to Ta-ku

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Images Roshan Menon

When two creative bodies bond over a mutual interest over a period of time, the possibility of them working together to create a product that reflects what they are infatuated by is exceptionally high — this point is proven with a capsule collection by Malaysian fashion label Third Culture and designer Sherwan Rozan. A creation in honour of Australian producer Ta-ku, to boot.

This pairing was longtime coming, it is as good as butter is with chicken, perhaps even better because at least apparels won’t cause any weight gain. Previously, Sherwan had released an entire art series dedicated to the Hypebeast God entitled ‘My Love Letters to Ta-ku’. Impressed by his work, Third Culture’s founder and Ta-ku devotee Shafiq Aznir then took the opportunity to materialise their shared love for the artiste by spreading the designs across t-shirts, caps, and tote bags.

The products have been produced in limited quantities, so, if you’d like to don something that portrays your love for this beatmaker who is known to mend and break hearts simultaneously (thanks for the wedding invitation, man), we’d urge you to purchase it soon.

Browse through photos Roshan Menon captured exclusively for JUICE below:





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