The Olive Tree — A Vegan, Cruelty-Free Skincare Brand


This company began business after its founders’ children were in need of skincare that were made with 100% natural ingredients due to eczema. After discovering plant-based soap bars from Melbourne, the founders saw it as an opportunity to introduce natural body and skincare products to the Malaysian market. Instead of distributing those existing Australian products though, they decided to create their own products in the same vein – there’s an opportunist in all of us. The Olive Tree’s products are made without palm oil, parabens, petroleum, phthalates, sulphates, synthetic colours and fragrances, and other harmful chemicals and preservatives. To honour Mother Nature even further, The Olive Tree’s products are vegan and biodegradable. It’s the age of consciousness, friends.

Lemon Myrtle Soap (RM24.90)
Handmade Soap

Most soaps with the disclaimer of being ‘anti-bacterial’ cause the worst sort of acne breakouts we’ve ever experienced. This type of products does more harm than good when it’s supposed to be the reverse — no, our bodies aren’t weak. So, we’ve always been on the lookout for natural soaps that won’t worsen our scar situation, which is where this Olive Tree soap comes in. It’s packed with essential oils to reduce acne and shrink pores (score!). Then, it’s got a lovely lemony fragrance to it that’s not overwhelming like lemon-based dishwashing soap (throw that shit out!). Also, the Olive Tree soaps are cut by hand, giving each one its own unique jagged edges, so you know this is some real artisanal ish!

Lavender & Sandalwood Body Lotion (RM69.90)
Body Care

We’ve emphasised (read: stressed) this fact in previous issues — hydration of the skin is equally as important as having on fleek eyebrows because ain’t nobody got time for someone with skin that resembles drought. We also champion any product that has lavender because of the numerous benefits it comes with — relieves inflammation, soothes skin, calms the body and mind simultaneously — and this lotion does all of that. It absorbs into the skin quickly, plus it’s not oily so it won’t be sticky if you’ve applied it before wearing your clothes.

Rosemary & Mint Shampoo (RM79.90)

This shampoo was made specifically for those with normal to fine hair as its ingredients — aloe vera, olive, Rosemary, Peppermint, Lavender, and Macadamia oils — add volume to the unavoidable flat hair this humidity gives us. On top of that, it promotes hair growth as the various oils and vitamins stimulate better blood flow to the scalp. We’ve used this for over two months now and have seen some drastic changes; our hair is softer, less frizz and we’ve not had a terrible hair day since we started using it, so it’s all thumbs up here. Alternatively, if your hair problem is more of dandruff or dry scalp, we’d suggest trying the Tea Tree & Mint shampoo as it works wonders for those issues too.

All products by The Olive Tree are made in Australia and are available via Follow the brand at @theolivetreecompany for more updates.