The LEVI’s® 505C


Some 50 years ago, Levi’s created a pair of jeans – the 505™ — that was popularised within the New York punk scene, which is a little ironic seeing as the very foundation of a punk lifestyle is to be anti-establishment as well as anti-capitalism. So, that goes to show that this lifestyle brand caters to everyone’s needs even if it goes against their principles – which is also pretty punk in itself.

Two reasons that make this particular pair of Levi’s jeans far more attractive than the rest are, one, it’s catered to various body types, and two, it was worn by members of The Ramones and Debbie Harry of Blondie – two prominent figures in the mentioned music scene; each responsible for creating a distinct sound that later influenced the new wave sound in both punk culture and punk rock music.

Now, with an increase of sales for the 505™ jeans in the last few years, it has urged Levi’s to rework its vintage cuts to create something for the present market. Fortunately, they didn’t change it by much since its original design has been able to maintain its appeal to their customers, so it still maintains the signature rips and predominately light washes. However, the major addition to this new piece is its technology that ensures all kinds of asses, body type be damned, would look great – and who would complain about that? Our recommended songs to listen to while trying on a pair of 505™ is between Ramones’ ‘Sheena Is A Punk Rocker’ and Blondie’s ‘Rip Her To Shreds’

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The Levi’s(R) 505™C collection retails from RM219 to RM329 and is available at all Levi’s stores in Malaysia.

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