The Kins

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The Kins was created 4 years ago when Michiekins aka Michelle and her friends came up with nicknames for each other that end with “kins”. Michiekins decided years later that she would use this name for her online blog shop to remind her of a group of girls that just want to have fun and do girly things.

It all started when Michiekins was travelling around Europe and saw items that had the potential to be sold in Malaysia. Some items were too expensive to be brought back home, so she decided to have them made here instead. Additional pieces that are outsourced are from around Asia and London-all bought from her travels this year.

Think Katy Perry meets Zooey Deschanel and you’ll get a better picture of The Kins’ style sensibilities. The entire collection is a reflection of Michiekins’ personal style as well as her other “kins”. “I only select the clothes that I think are my style and the style of my ‘kins’ members as we all are different,” she says. “For example, Michiekins is a mix of classy sophistication, Linakins is boho chic and Sukins is glam rock.”

The dresses at The Kins are adorable; colourful and oh-so-sweet with the right amount of sexy via a bare back. JUICE loves The Kins handbag, which was solely designed by Michiekins; after 3 years of scouring for the perfect materials for the bag while she was finishing her studies, it was finally made.  And we can look forward to more Michiekins designs in the future, “You will probably see some evening dresses, more handbags and more clothing. I’m also planning a fashion show in October. Hopefully my tailor is done before then!” We have our fingers crossed and our schedules booked for The Kins.

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