The Covert Collective’s ‘Real Men Don’t Buy Girls’ T-Shirt

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The Covert Collective recently worked with Tenaganita — a local NGO that aims to protect while simultaneously promote the rights of women, migrants, and refugees — to create the ‘Real Men Don’t Buy Girls’ campaign that raises awareness of human trafficking. True to The Covert Collective’s form, the artistic direction for this t-shirt is in the same line of its first collection — bold lines and vibrant colours. The message in the print is direct — a half-man half-snake chimera with a bucket hat ingesting what appears to be the legs of a woman — it reflects on the campaign’s title accurately. Each t-shirt is priced at RM59, plus 100% of the profits made from sales will be donated to Tenaganita.

The retail label made the decision to work with this specific NGO primarily to help them out financially, “Tenaganita has had no core funding, as donors and funders see Malaysia as a developing country, therefore the funds are sent to third world countries for other programmes. As such, the shelter is running solely on donations from churches and individuals,” said one-half of The Covert Collective.

‘Real Men Don’t Buy Girls’ is supported by Light Room Photography, +2db, and Bil Musa – all of whom are involved in the lookbook below:




The t-shirt retails at RM59 and is available via However, if you’re not about online shopping, The Covert Collective will have a booth during Urbanscapes to sell all its products — this t-shirt will be included.  

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