The Covert Collective’s ‘Genesis’ Collection


Fashion is considered as a means of self-expression, a quick way to show off your interests without having to say too much — making the garments speak for themselves instead. Some prefer wardrobes consisting of simple pieces that follow a monochromatic theme while others are intrigued by ones with elaborate designs. Enter The Covert Collective, a new streetwear label that believes in everything that revolves around being bold. The infant label makes no attempt at being discreet about their love for the aforementioned word, which is used in the tagline “Be bold, be courageous” that speak to their mission of encouraging consumers to be adventurous.

Their first collection is appropriately named ‘Genesis’, which we’re assuming is in relation to it being the inception of the label’s longterm retail plans and not in reference to the band responsible for some of the best rock ballads in the ’70s. ‘Genesis’ is made of eight designs that were inspired by traditional American tattoos, animal-related Internet memes, and Phil Collins. Okay, the last one is obviously not true but would’ve been fun to do, we imagine.

Our favourite designs include ‘Cat Taco’, for the simple reason that we enjoy tacos and playing with cats — separately, of course; the next is ‘Clever Girl’ which features four velociraptors and very obviously pays homage to Jurassic World — we didn’t dig the movie so much but the velociraptors were great; finally, the ‘Sailor’s Nightmare’ t-shirt which unsurprisingly features a mermaid with tattoos and a tentacle for a right arm, so she’s cool. ‘Genesis’ would have been incomplete had there not been a sailor-themed design for a t-shirt collection inspired by the very tattoos sailors popularised back in the day.

These illustrations were manually screen printed onto combed cotton t-shirts and made locally in limited quantities. The brand does have plans to produce other types of garments in the near future but for now, they will be focusing on releasing new t-shirt designs every month. That’s all — that was another Genesis reference, it’ll be our last.

Check some of the t-shirts out below:

clever girl product

reverse mem back product

cattaco product

Each shirt retails at RM89 and is available via For more from The Covert Collective, check out their Instagram profile @thecovertcollective.