The Apothecary, Solid Colognes For The Modern Man

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Finally, a product for men that isn’t tasteless in its design. The Apothecary creates solid colognes for the modern man — the ones who appreciate artisan goods and personal grooming. The line is currently available in three scents made for three different types of men; the first being ‘Cornerstone’, its main notes are Patchouli, Nutmeg, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, and a hint of Vanilla and Paprika — pretty much for the alpha male archetype and those who enjoy woody scents and warmth. Next is ‘Hot Shot’, made with red apple, Jasmine, Rose, Tonka Beans, Geranium, and Sandalwood. Doesn’t its name just scream Nate Archibald? For those who aren’t fluent in Gossip Girl, Nate is the pretty boy all the girls wished upon a star for, also the ‘hot shot’ of the series besides Chuck Bass, obviously. Then there’s ‘Maverick’, with notes like Bergamot, Star Anise, Olive Blossom, Guaiac Wood, and Tobacco, it’s perfect for the guy who wants to smell like the rugged Marlboro man without having to burn their lungs to do so. Since we referenced Gossip Girl earlier, ‘Maverick’ definitely sounds like something Dan Humphrey would use — he’s the one who ends up with Blake Lively aka the girl with legs for days aka the girl you totally think of being with from time to time. Okay, fine, we’ll stop with the teen soap opera references…

These scents for modern men are packed in a beautiful sleek copper box. It’s small enough to fit into pockets or carry-on bags, but we wouldn’t advice storing it in cars unless you keep your four-wheel space tidy, if not, it’ll be pretty easy to ‘misplace’. Due to its solid form, the application of the cologne should be treated as a balm. Dip two fingertips into the wax-like cologne, rub a small amount in between the thumb and index finger, then apply it to pulse points — wrist, neck, throat, inner elbows, back of ears, and knees. The scent should last three to four hours, and its formulation is alcohol-free in case that is a factor to you.

Check ’em out below:

Apothecary 10

Apothecary 2

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The Apothecary’s solid colognes are currently stocked at The Yard Backdoor Dry Goods Supply, Amplitude Barbershop, The Offday, Pestle and Mortar Clothing (both Bangsar and in Penang), and Major Drop. Each retails at RM59.90.

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